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talk to me about sonic cleaners

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Been thinking about getting one for a while now. One big enough to drop and AR BCG into or even a full pistol slide or grip frame.


THe big questions I have is what finishes if any/all/some hold up to sonic cleaning???


Is it really for only internal or stainless parts?


Or can you drop blued, duracoated, nitron finished, etc parts in there without worry of losing finish?


Id love to drop my Barrels/slides/AR bolts/small parts, etc in the tub and let them clean themselves instead of scrubbing...


Also, does a sonic cleaner negate the need for bore cleaning on a pistol barrel?


Could I litteraly shoot, drop the barrel in the cleaner, run it, pull it out, re-assemble and be clean? or is some scrubbing still needed?




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