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7.62x39 reliable triggers

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Hey all,

Im a huge fan of drop in triggers as you pop the pins and pull it out so easy then some compressed air and oil to clean then drop back in....

a friend of mine is asking about a 7.62x39 build though which generally needs the enhanced firing pin(he got that) and often still needs stronger springs.

Is there any good and reliable(guaranteed 100% reliable on steel case hard primers) drop in triggers?

any advice/suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


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I know it's not a drop in but a Geissele SSA is my trigger. I shoot a Windham in 7.62 x 39 and the stock firing pin has been flawless for 3 years now. First 2 years were nothing but Silver Bear and Red Army ammo (Cabela's has a great sale price on them from time to time). Must have put 1500 rounds through. Never had a misfire or light strike. Also shot Winchester and PPU a bit with good results accept the soft point PPU would fail to feed when nose caught on mag lip. Mostly reload now and still no issues. Maybe I have a unique weapon but I have not had any issues. I have had to swap out BCGs at the range when an extractor failed and kept right on shooting. Nice thing about the 7.62 is that you can shoot 6.5 Grendel Type I with the same bolt. Good luck on your trigger search.

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I use BTE and Timney 3 pound drop ins with good luck. Personally I don't shoot a great deal of the steel/surplus stuff as my 7.62 build is a bit over the spray and blast build. The enhanced/longer FP is the main secret on these and avoiding the 15 minute trigger jobs and light replacement springs.



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