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You had Better Break any and ALL ties with facecrook NOW

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As I have said all along I'm NOT connected but those who are ?. I'd launch a class action suit against Suckerpucker so fast his stock would be reeling from the feeling !. That crooked little bass-turd with Hitler syndrome complex !!.


$2 Million per person X 100's of millions is a financial spanking and hopefully sending a CLEAR message !!!...



Mark Zuckerberg’s Ex-Speechwriter: He Declared ‘Domination!’ and ‘Companies Over Countries’ During Meetings





Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s former speechwriter has claimed he used to declare, “domination!” and “companies over countries” during company meetings.

Kate Losse, who worked as Zuckerberg’s speechwriter and blog writer between 2009 and 2011, claimed in an article for Vox that the Facebook CEO would “raise his fist with a slight smile and say, ‘Domination!’ as a way of closing out our weekly Friday all-hands meeting.”

“The idea of ‘domination’ seemed as much a half-serious, half-joking fantasy as a hard-set mission,” declared Losse, who added that eventually, “the idea of domination started to become plausible.”

“My worry began to deepen when, around this time, Zuckerberg began using the language of states to talk about Facebook’s burgeoning power,” Losse proclaimed.

According to the former speechwriter, Zuckerberg started to use slogans such as, “Companies over countries,” and would tell employees, “If you want to change the world, the best thing to do is to build a company.”

During a hearing before the Energy and Commerce Committee of the House of Representatives last week, Zuckerberg was praised by Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), who expressed, “I sincerely know in my heart that you do believe in keeping all ideas equal.”

46 out of the 55 members on the committee previously received donations from Facebook.


Whom ever Rep. Collins from NY is , is in fact an IMBECILE for even suggesting let alone saying what they said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...


Part Two :

Zuck-Ups: 5 Times Zuckerberg Let Uncomfortable Truths About Facebook Slip Out


Mark Zuckerberg was questioned by committees of both the Senate and the House of Representatives last week. Although the Facebook CEO did his best to obfuscate and give half-answers, occasionally the truth about his platform slipped out.

Here are the facts about Facebook that the company would rather we didn’t know, which came out during the hearing:




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