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A friend of mine picked up a used 204 Ruger upper last year. He just got around to getting pieces together to scope it out. I ended up assembling it all for him. The upper and gas block were poorly cammo painted and the cheap hand guard was mis-aligned. Before I mounted the scope I pulled the gas block and tube off and found the barrel nut was out of alignment a tad. I torqued the barrel nut, aligned the gas block, set the hand guards and then mounted the older Tasco 5x20 scope he had for it. I believe this scope is old enough to be one of the good one's but I am not the authority on Tasco scopes. The barrel is stainless, 24" with Enfield rifling and that is all I know about it as it's unmarked.


I gave it a quick bore sight so now he can take it out and see how it shoots. It's not how I would build one but he may just get lucky and have a real shooter.


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