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Sentinel Concepts Essential Handgun Employment Trailer


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Was watching this the other day and figured what the hell....thus the very loos interpretation and thread that's in handguns....


Think about it...what do we carry daily, how much ammo, what happens when things go sideways and ya have to pull yor blaster and do work.....at the end of the hotel hall, across the street, in your parking garage, at work, what distances do we see, was like what can I do with carry ammo and not cheap reloads that are different from what I carry....and I suck....


Aaywhoo, great video and fuel for thought.....



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Yep, he's got his shat together and then some, seems like ever time we chat I 'm learning and sucking up knowledge bombs he's dropping without even realizing it.....


I used to shoot matches with Steve. Dude knows his stuff.

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