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Roosevelt Middle School students in Eugene study gun control for class project

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The second-period students found that, of 62 people surveyed, about 79 percent of Roosevelt students and 85 percent of other community members polled on the topic supported extensive gun background checks. They also found that 61 percent of Roosevelt students and 76 percent of residents “strongly agreed” that people should be 21 or older to be able to purchase a gun. Students from other middle schools were also polled.

Whether teachers should be armed led to a discussion among some panelists Monday.

About 52 percent of the 62 respondents said they strongly disagreed with the statement that “If teachers voluntarily opt to carry concealed weapons at school and are trained/re-trained for several hours at least once per year, I would be comfortable with armed teachers in (district) classrooms.”"



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Fun project for the kids but nowhere near legit enough to take seriously.


Our state auditor did a little audit of all our facilities and I was able to get a copy of the results. They compared data between facilities that had similar staffing and tried to make a correlation between the two. There was a wide discrepancy in numbers between the two that the auditors tried to make sound like there was a huge issue in how the facilities were operated. What the auditors neglected to realize was traffic patterns were much different in each area. They took raw numbers of traffic and divided the work performed by the number of vehicles for a number of vehicles that drove by before another was inspected. Completely useless data because traffic does not flow evenly....matter of fact in runs in waves. During the day high number pass by while the workers are busy and at night the workers stop almost every one that drives through. Other areas of the audit were just as flawed. They made an average work load per employee statement that was so skewed it was laughable. Each area has about 16 employees and they took an average of all the work done by each facility and came up with numbers for each facility......only issue is each facility has at least two bodies that do not do any of the work they surveyed.


Just like these kid's survey it's flawed in many way's. But the people in charge will jump and try to fix an issue with bad data.

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