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Youtube at it again. 8541 Tactical (1st Strike)

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7 year old video. 500 plus video's and have to try and review all videos to keep from violating their community guidelines.


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Didn't the banks get their hands slapped for not doing business with gun stores or companies ?


I know youtube owns the content (unlike MeWe) and can make the rules.

How do you justify banning any connection with selling a legal product, with gun manufacturing going back hundreds of years in this country?

Not only that, the right to own the product sold by these companies that are getting the channels in trouble is guaranteed me by the Constitution and BOR. This is insanity. The gun culture needs to drop youtube like a hot potato, but the gun channels won't go anywhere as long as they can still make money, will they ?.


If a done of people get on youtube and say we are outraged by the exploitation of kittens in their videos, will they take them all down?



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