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IP44 is dead

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They'll try to bring them back in the next legislative session. Problem is, even the leftists in the state legislature know that it's a hot button issue, that will polarize voters pretty damned quickly.

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So how many signatures short were they ?


The larger problem is these tyrants now have trained 700 hundred people

how to "train others to properly gather signatures", which is liberal speak for

"if you pose the question in the right way you can get anybody to sign almost anything".


What are the odds you guys could all come together and reverse this "government by ballot initiative" BS ?

If you can't, I suggest all the pro gun groups get together and train some people to train some people

and get some ballot initiatives of you own going.


Would "Leave Our Effing Guns Alone" be a good title for a law ?

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From OFF:


One Down....
The backers of IP 44, the ballot measure that would eliminate virtually all firearms competitions and require you to keep all firearms you were not carrying locked up and useless for self defense, appear to have thrown in the towel for now.
Make no mistake, these haters of liberty and common sense have lots of money. But for now they seem to have postponed their plans to gather signatures and are counting on anti-rights bigots like House Rep Jennifer Williamson to achieve through legislation what they could not do by ballot measure.
IP43, the measure that would ban most modern firearms, has still (as of this writing) not received an approved ballot title. That could happen any time.
This fight is far from over but we are grateful for all the support we have received in our legal battles to fight these attacks on liberty. We will keep you informed.

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Saw that yesterday. Great news!


As mentioned though, be aware, they'll be back!

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