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Flesh Wound

Decent non-budget busting camping shovel?

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I want to add one of those folding camp shovels to my kit. Don't want to buy junk but really don't wanna spend silly money on more than I need.


Something like this:




Average pricing seems to range from $13 for a SOG brand to $40 for a Sergeant brand shovel.


I also see these with a straight handle and a horizontal grip like shown above.



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I have a long handled shovel like that. It does not fold up small.....the head is like that one above and it's very old....it's tied to my Jeep in case I need it. I have that and a Swedish brush ax on there.

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I have a couple genuine Ames USGI tri-fold entrenching tools like that.

Also have the Cold Steel "Special forces" shovel.



Cold Steel shovel.


Got the USGI ones fairly cheap as surplus. The one I keep in my personal vehicle or camping was unissued.

Have the other one I keep my work truck. Works wonders when your working under a mobile home with limited space.

The Cold Steel shovel seems to stay in my garage. Do mostly gardening things with it.

That should let you know which type I prefer.






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