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Blackhorn 209 Powder

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I am done with pellets. I have been fighting with finding a decent load for my muzzle loader for 2 years. This year I decided to go with Blackhorn 209. Different than both powder and pellets it is best to be weighed out. It is more reactive than black powder or Pyrodex so a lower charge weight is needed to achieve the same MV. I had 3 loads prepared based on the bullet weight and design listed on their load data. 250 Grain TC Shockwave Spire point and it was stacking the bullets on top of each other with the first load so I decided to stop there. I didn't get time to chrono the load but according to their data it should in the the 1725 FPS range. More than enough for white tail at the ranges I hunt at.


If you hunt with a muzzle loader, and are having issues getting a good load give it a try. The down side is that it is not water soluble so you need actual bore cleaner to clean the rifle when done. That being said after half a dozen rounds it cleaned quickly. They also recommended using magnum 209 primers, it will not work with No.11 caps.

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I’m looking to get my first black powder rifle this year after Christmas.  I got to shoot a barrowed CVA this year and I liked it enough to decide to buy one.  But, like you want something that will shoot well.  Also I’m anal about consistency and accuracy enough to not be satisfied with “out of the box” formulations.  That being said I’m just starting down the road of bullets and powder choices.  

Thanks for posting this subject. 

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