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New Barnett crossbow issues.....

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I just bought a Droptine STR took it out to sight it in and the first shot the string comes off the cam... I took it to my local archery shop and he restrung it, I shot it again and the same one hint happened.... I know you have to have a minimum weight bolt of 380 grains. I could only find 20” bolts and the bow came with (2) 22”. I bought Easton Bloodline bolts with the brass insert so I’m pretty sure they are heavy enough, I’m not sure if it’s the bow or the bolts

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Since WGI bought Barnett their customer service has improved greatly. If the issue is indeed the bow itself, don't hesitate to contact them and send it back if necessary. They will take care of you.


I would also encourage you to learn to build your own arrows. It's not hard, and there are immense advantages to doing so. Things like weight FOC and various fletchings to tailor your equipment can dramatically improve your shooting experience without breaking the bank.

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