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My first of 2018!

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https://imgur.com/a/4B9OPTs just hanging out


https://imgur.com/a/ZXaLrpe  Damaged broadhead and my SOG Seal, Awesome knife! Gutted, skinned, and hacked bones. 


1 pm my wife wakes me up saying “there’s a deer in the yard!”

Roll out put on my jeans and mocosin slippers and head to the dining room, where she is pointing out the slider glass at a deer wandering down the hill and along the edge of the yard. Grab my old Matthews bow off my bakers rack and pull an arrow. Watch out the door to get a feel for his attitude. Which is totally oblivious! Open the door go down and around the fence . . . Thawk! He looks a little surprised and a little hurt as he limps 3 legged across the yard back up the hill and falls over, done.

had released on a quartering toward, but he turned slightly just before impact. I though that the arrow had slipped along the outside of the ribs and into the shoulder joint and got the brachial artery and attaching stuff. Until I got into the nitty gritty of dressing out the shoulder. Apparently, the tip slammed into the top of the leg bone and shattered it. Found large bone fragments in the wound with only the outer muscle holding the leg on. Tendons, cartilage and all the large blood vessels were destroyed. So was my expandable broadhead. The bone hit and movement of the leg and shoulder bones twisted the blades. Open door to final drop less than 5 minutes. Then I had to call in to work with the “Deer Flu”.  He’s in ‘Freezer Camp’ cooling off. 

Honestly, this small button buck is about all I could fit in my freezer. I lost my garage side by side this summer and haven’t found a replacement. 

But there are a few large does that come through and at least one 6 point buck that looks fairly large if the shadowed night time pics and deep hoof prints in the yard are any indication. 

Any of these tripping on the way to the freezer would prompt the purchase of a new chest freezer!


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Those Swhacker broadheads really do a number, don't they?

I've used them and Gator XP's pretty exclusively for about the last ten years, and never had one fail.

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