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BCM's New HQ - Video

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This came across my YouTube subscriptions ... I found it interesting, particularly the "100% inspection" on their critical parts and components. I wonder how many AR "manufacturers" out there do this? I use "manufacturer" in quotes because we all know that most AR "makers" are sourcing their parts from various vendors. Anyway...you might find this interesting.


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LAV has lost a shat ton of weight.......this video is a excellent video......


Not many do that 100% inspection, let alone at the detail level BCM does.....




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3 hours ago, Rampy said:

LAV has lost a shat ton of weight.......




He really has, it has been a real struggle for him and he has wanted to for quite some time. I'll be taking some more classes with him next Fall and I'm looking forward to hearing what he did (assuming he keeps it off until then). The Battle of the Bulge when you hit 50+ is a tough one.


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Hopefully he can get tax credit on those new facilities,

and with increased production, and updated CNC machinery, I would love to see their prices

get down in the area of a grand street price, [ or slightly North] with no loss of quality.


As I hear the video play in the background, sounds like the move 

is geared more towards new products than increased rifle production,

and a savings to consumers through economy of scale.


Great rifles, class act owner.


EDIT:      At about 9:45 into the video, there is a mention of increased upper production capacity, for contracts...:kickcan:

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