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Grouse 2018

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Went out with the oldest this afternoon. Decided to carry the shotguns after yesterday. We went to our squirrel spot yesterday and while we were getting the rifles out of the van 3 grouse took off from about 15 yards away and flew up into some trees about 100 yards away. We started to sneak on them and got about 80 yards away when the first one flew out of the tree. I took a poke at the next closest bird and tried to be fancy and shoot it in the head. Well, this particular grouse was related to Neo. He bobbed his head left, bobbed his head right, bobbed his head down, bobbed his head up. 


I missed 4 times. They are so tasty I didn't want to hit it in the body with a .17HMR bullet and blow it to smithereens. At the 4th shot he flew off.


Mav said he could see one so he took a shot too. I figured he was pulling my leg but I could hear his bullet hit the branch the grouse was sitting on and then the grouse flew. We sat there a second shaking our heads when the last grouse, which was in a tree right over our heads took off for quieter woods.


So today we took the shotguns. I called it armed scouting for squirrels. There is just a light coating of snow so we were looking for squirrel tracks concentrated. We found some interesting stuff in the woods. A dugout deer blind with an office chair in it. Was actually in an area with a good amount of squirrel tracks. Then we found a blind built out of logs on a ridge. There were lots of squirrel tracks. We will be visiting it tomorrow. 


Mav found a pile of dirt where a tree had fallen over. It was while he was investigating the pile that the grouse took off over his head. It was pretty high in the tree so he was in the wide open flying above the trees. I had to shoot up through the branches and pine needles. My first shot I thought was right there, the grouse kept flying, 1/2 a tree worth of branches and pine needles fell toward the ground. I had to shoot through those and the rest of the trees with the second shot. 


It was like the grouse hit a brick wall. All forward momentum stopped and he fell straight toward the ground with wings outstretched. The picture is as he landed. 


Dressing him tonight I found he had died due to the golden BB. He didn't have a single pellet in the body, wings or legs. What he did have was one hole right in the back of the skull. 




We found a good concentration of squirrel tracks just before sunset. We will be taking the rifles back tomorrow and seeing what we can do with the squirrels that made them. 

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Nice gray phase! :thumb: All hail the Golden BB!

Sounds like a fun weekend. Certainly better than mine. :sad: 

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Rained/snowed/freezing rained out today. Calling for 3-5 inches of snow tonight so places to go will be a little more limited. 

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