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Our weatherman, local guy who never likes to throw the doom and gloom scenarios early has just done so. 


He is saying over a foot of snow Sunday to Monday and then record cold. Wednesday and Thursday next week highs in the -10* range and lows approaching -30* as far south as Springfield, Illinois. It is a pretty tight temperature gradient so far southern Illinois will likely remain at or above zero.

But as with all tight temperature gradients, the wind will be blowing 20-30mph with higher gusts. Coupled with the foot of snow from Monday and it sets up the ultimate ground blizzard scenario. 


This guy is usually on the money with his forecasts and he never overemphasizes forecasts more than a day or 2 in advance because they just aren't reliable. He is pretty sure on this forecast though and says it is going to be like the Blizzard of 2000 here. 


That was a bad year. We got to -37* after getting 18 inches of snow. It was ugly.

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Not again, you just keep getting hammered again and again and again.......although to be honest, I'm not sure Indiana is much better.....


Next time might just take 70 across to Pittsburg........but the Chicago pizza.......ugh......


Tried to avoid the snow and mess on the way home by dipping down across on 64, missed most of the snow, but it was wet and sloppy at times......but way better than what you had and hell if I wanted to camp out on the turnpike someplace sleeping in the car in a blizzard packing a blaster or 3.........

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