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Thinking of selling a bunch of guns....advice needed.


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11 minutes ago, molineaux said:

Unless you need to its not a good time right now. I would wait till there is a panic.


That's a good point. Although some items seem to sell well anyhow. For example, the Mosin Nagant I'm looking to sell next will do well. Or at least do better than when I bought it. And I need space.

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FW that is true. A 1860 colt has no real season. Except in the crash of 08 guns went down in price for the first time in a long time. I bought some good deals on armslist in the crash. But the ARs AKs mags and the like I would wait.

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Most guys I’ve met buying and trading and selling like that buy as low as they can and sell high or trade up. I imagine he’ll low ball you by a few hundred on most of your higher end guns. Unless he’s a genuine collector who will pay a few hundred over the value of a gun just because he has to have it. The only real way to know if he’s genuine or not is to meet him.

But if you don’t want to sell don’t your retiring maybe you will shoot more with your retirement.

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Sold three.   .357 Smith, Ruger Blackhawk, and my old Ruger LCP.  Even after taking a hit on the Ruger LCP, the bottoms fell out on that one, I made $50 over what I paid for them.  All guns I had another of, better versions. 


The guys a retired Marine, a collector, and doesn't sell guns.   Hit it off with him, of course.  Told him he could "Google"  Gunbroker right then and there.  Pretty obvious he never met anyone like me that knows guns and ammo like I do,  like you all.  I'd tell him, new, used, my price, no haggle. 


He mostly wanted, you guessed it, the stuff I didn't want to part with, the collectibles or my daily carries.  He wanted a mouse gun for his wife so I sold him my LCP.  I have a newer LCP II.    He may be back.  He's interested in one of my older ARs, 24" fixed carry handle. 


Adding the cash to my "wheal and deal" stash for when I retire.  Plan to work a Flea Market selling a bunch of other crap I've collected over the years.  I have so much I figure I can do themes, camping one summer, car parts another, music stuff another, things like that.



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