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Microsoft workers protest $479M military deal


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The way I see it 50 employees just signed their severance papers. I bet the other 134,450 employees are going to have to work an extra 30 seconds a day to make up for the loss. See ya!


And in case they were wondering, if they put their name to the "letter" it cannot be considered to be a "black list" when they can't find a job anywhere else. The "military/ industrial complex" has far reaching tentacles and this will follow them anywhere they choose to pursue employment.


"We don't want to be part of killing the enemy in war" freaking pussies, members of the "lamest generation".

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Don't like what the company you work for does............................quit and find another job.


Don't like what your country does.............................pack up and find another country to live in.


I just don't understand people in the minority who don't "get" that they don't rule the roost.  Stupid idiots.  Face reality.

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The history of Microsoft and Billy Gates speaks for itself and the employees now want to lay claim to some form of moral high ground as employees. The idiots actually have deluded themselves into believing their signature on employment documents at MS gives them, by some Voodoo, a high moral standing in the real world.


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They should not have even been allowed to return to their desks.  They should have immediately been escorted to the front door, a boot put in their ass, and the door locked.  Then, have security clean out their desks and mail their personal belonging to them.  They would have been seen as an immediate security risk.  



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