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Well, fudge, I got a speeding ticket today.


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December 22, 1998 for a ticket via camera in Scottsdale, AZ for me was my last SPEEDING ticket. Got a ticket  for rolling 75 in a 55 in 2009 in one of the freeway construction areas by the house, no construction or equipment was in place BTW, but it was posted.  The charge was "Waste of Natural Resources" vs. speeding. Price was $42.00 and no points on the license.  Got nailed by a AZ DPS female trooper. She laughed when she found out where I worked and apologizes that she has used a "sneaky car" to pull me over. It was a very pretty light grey Camaro. 


Gotta watch that passing sped in the low speed zones, They were death on that in Oklahoma when I lived there.



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