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Crime and punishment


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6 minutes ago, MontanaLon said:

You don't have to be hitlery to get the prosecutors to look the other way. Whether the cops make an arrest or not, it comes down to the prosecutor or a Grand Jury to take up the case and make the prosecution. I have seen it first hand.


The 7 year old that got hit by the car and killed had the case buried by the prosecutor. I was there when the State Police crash investigator showed up to do his thing. He did his measurements and calculations and the driver of the car was going at least 25 mph over the posted speed limit. But you have to ask yourself, "Why was ISP doing an accident investigation on a local road?" The answer to that is all of the county deputies knew the driver's mother who was on the county board at the time. There is bad blood between the Sheriff and the county board and no one wanted to get caught in the middle. 


So the State Police did their investigation and turned over the result to the prosecutor. Did he pursue a case? Nope, he hired another crash investigator to look at it and recalculate what the state police had said. Then when people started asking why no charges he just ignored them.


That will be 5 years ago this summer. There is no justice system any more, it has been perverted to protect those who are in power and screw those who aren't.


That right there is what is bothering me the most. We’ve lost rule of law. 

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7 hours ago, Longhair said:

You've hit on it pretty well Pepper.....except about the farriers. It's not our job to train horses, but unfortunately we have to all too often, and sometimes that means making them (the horses) understand that it's more pleasant to do it our way than to be jerks. And it's a little different than dealing with people, because with horses you can't let them win or they will be pukes forever, and that's dangerous. I understand that that part is the same with some people, but not all, and most often it's not as life threatening.


But you are right.....I like black and white. And while I know that it isn't that simple, I don't believe that there needs to be "a million shades of gray". A couple dozen maybe, but not a million, and it's reached the point of being ridiculous already. I believe that part of the problem is that lawmakers (lawyers) have full time jobs making laws, and they do it to justify their existence, even though we would all be better off if they worked at least as hard to scrub the books of bad laws, archaic laws, and unenforceable laws before further complicating life with more laws. We have so many laws that nobody could possibly know them all, and people routinely break laws on a daily basis simply because they aren't aware of all the aspects of their lives that the government ludicrously tries to assume control over.



Hell, anyone can put a shoe on a horse if they watched someone do it on tv. They don't need to abuse  animal.


Now, as far as lawyers making laws. let's take your state, Michigan. Did you know in 2017 there were 13 lawyers in the legislature? 13 out of 148. Less than 10%. Were any laws passed? 


Do you think doctors shouldn't be doing medical research? How about doing away with police academies, because why would we want to hire people with specialized training to do a specialized job? 

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13 hours ago, Pepper said:

I just watched a video, one that seems to deal with this very subject on several levels. It's a bit long, but it's spot on for almost all of it. I need to give a bit of background for folks who aren't aware of this issue. 


San Francisco has gotten a bad rap for being the homeless capitol of the west coast. Well, Seattle isn't far behind, and not far behind Seattle, is Portland. The situation is dire, and something HAS to be done. Simply warehousing these people in prisons won't do it. KOMO news in Seattle just did a special on this, and for KOMO to stand up and say these things, a left leaning news station in a left leaning city, on the left coast, this means people are starting to wake up. As hard as it is to admit that the current way of doing things is wrong, it's comforting to know that enforcement mixed with treatment can start to fix the problem. 




I just watched this. I knew the situation was bad. But holy frack. That's bad. And yea, for a lefty news outlet in a far left city to say all of these things on TV is astounding. The anon comments from the SPD offices was very telling.

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