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I’m glad to no longer be on the FD some days


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The fire station had a little visitor this evening. His name is Ryker. Ryker and his mother were involved in an accident on March 11 where the vehicle they were in ended up in the Vermillion River off Interstate 55. The car was completely submerged under water for a period of time with Ryker inside. The hard work, training, and dedication by the first responders that afternoon was put to the test. Baby Ryker and mom were rescued from the vehicle which was in the middle of the river. They both were transferred to the local hospital. Ryker was then airlifted to St. Francis hospital in Peoria, where Ryker spent weeks on machines fighting for his life. A couple weeks ago baby Ryker was able to go home and is making a full recovery! A big thank you to Pontiac Police Department,VCOM 911, Livingston County Sheriff,Illinois State Police, Duffy Ambulance Service, Gray's Garage Inc, Illinois Department of Transportation,OSF Saint James - John W. Albrecht Medical Center, OSF Life Flight, and OSF Saint Francis for all of your hard work and effort to keep this little guy alive and allowing him to visit us tonight!! #RykerStrong

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On 3/13/2019 at 7:47 PM, MontanaLon said:

Well the news isn't horrible. Baby has an infection in the lungs which was entirely expected due to getting water into them from a river in farm country full of spring runoff and possibly overflow sewage. They are treating that and was a part of the decision to put the heart/lung bypass in place. 


The good news is the baby even though kept sedated has been stirring. They are monitoring brain function via EEG and there are no seizures and brain function appears normal for a 7 month old. They have to keep him sedated so he doesn't fight against the machines. If they can beat the infection it sounds like he may pull through without brain function deficits.


Thank God for that.


Praise the Lord !

I was hoping the cold water would help with the baby's brain/organ function, and as usual, children seem to 

do better with the "assist" from the near freezing water temperatures. God Bless that brave, selfless Vet !


I think the average person does not give a second thought to what First Responders do and see on a daily (or almost daily) basis. 

It's not exactly something you can to talk about at the dinner table, or talk about anytime with most "civilians". 

It is why most of us tend to stick to our "own kind" when socializing. The gallows humour defensive mechanism can get pretty, uh, thick.

I have never felt like a hero in my life, even when I was able to (thank God)  pull of something extra nifty,  and I sure don't expect high praise for doing my job. 

The job itself is its own reward.

It would be nice if folks were not wanting us dead, especially police. They like shooting at Firemen and EMT's at times, too. 

That second bomb targeted at those First Responders who rush to the aid of the wounded innocents must also be considered. 

 marches with death chants are a bit of a bummer.  Yeah, that would be nice.  Just a little less hate. 


A big warm hug for the man who went in the river after the Mom and baby, too.

One of the benefits of all who have served is the character and bravery these Veterans infuse our society with.  They are like a cultural immune system. 

IMO, there is still a legacy remaining for those who have served, fought, and who gave all,  that I will be bold enough to ask for, even though I have no right.  

Those who served and returned are the same heros who possess the calling, honor, virtue, and strength of will that can move this Republic back onto the right path.. 

Just maybe, as the Establishment so greatly fears, these Veterans, and future Veterans, will join forces with our oath keeping First Responders, both young and old, to fill the  desperate need for moral and constitutional leadership at all levels of our government.  Too many young men have fought, been injured, or have died under the Stars and Stripes, or serving their communities. Their young eyes have seen so many things no man should ever have to see and will never forget. Although is is difficult to ask for more from these men, their sacrifices, the buddies that died in their arms,  and all of the burdens they bear produce the kind of man who jumps into rivers, but also the kind who can bring honor, trustworthiness,  vital energy to every level of public Office in our Republic. 

Yet how do we ask even more of these men than we already have ?  As with the Veteran who jumped into the fast flowing icy waters showed us, the point 

is we don't have to ask.  What we do have to express as a People is that these men are still needed, and many will serve with the right support. 

And yes, gentlemen, in my worldview, this includes the power of prayer. If yours does not, no worries.  There is work to be done to recruit not only these Veterans,

but our oath-keeping  First Responders. 


I pray that the Good Lord restores that baby to good health and a happy childhood,  and the story of that young man and all involved inspires

and remains with all keepers of the oath that one man can help save an infant, many infants, or take the reins of government office

to bring back the honor and virtue so sorely lacking, and perhaps help change the lives of millions. 


God, we ask that this baby be returned whole to their family, and that people everywhere, especially our oath keepers, have a deeper understanding

of being the hands doing your work here on earth, and pray they are blessed and protected as you guide their paths to where they are needed. 

We ask this in Jesus' name.  Amen 


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