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New Zealand Ban Effective Immediately


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So what's a Military style semi automatic weapon?  The new lib speak just get broader and broader more ridiculous than the last time. 


Wait till these lawyer politicians that never took a science class figure out all the crap that can be used to make a big explosion.  They're going to freak. 


Anyway here you go again, "Hey look our background check gun control system didn't work so rather than admit it, we're going to ban an inanimate object and take it out on innocent people who had nothing to do with the crime." 


Anybody notice, they're giving that nutjob shooter just what he wanted?  This one's alive to enjoy it too.





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I recorded last seasons episodes of Condor.

I had watched a few minutes this first season but never did watch it.


One of the episodes highlighted the "evil CIA" guys, and how they believe we are already in a holy war with islam. and CIA

has the inside meaning of "Christians in Action" 

The good guy in the show is one of the few  "good CIA guys". 


The show did make me think that many have forgotten 9/11.

One must conclude that there is a widespread global movement which is actively engaged in 

defeating open, free, and capitalistic countries.  Western Civilization has not been attacked so 

energetically since the '60's and early 70's.  What I can't figure out why these "socialists" aka fascists

want to kill the goose that keeps laying golden eggs. It is only through the extraordinary  success of free market capitalism,

and the USA that these "socialists" can have the time, energy, or money to devote to selling socialism. 


None of us needs to give 2 seconds thought on all these calls of racism, and we had better decide if we are going to insist History is going to be taught in our schools,

or propaganda.  Culture bombs instead of nukes.  Western Civilization has and is a force for good in the World, and for hundreds of years people who came here were expected to observe and honor the culture.  


Part of that Culture is the Private Ownership of Firearms. It is huge in the culture because it was only our Founders who recognized it as a Natural Right endowed by our Creator. 

We must resist the destruction of our unique American Culture while we still have the ability. 


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2 hours ago, alpo said:

So does everyone turn in their guns or refuse to do it.  If all, or most of the gun owners refused, wonder what the Government would do.


I predict the sheeple will line up to turn them in just like Australia.



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