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The Armory is mourning the loss of Jeff and Nancy.


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Oh my.  I gasped out loud.  

Like others, I’m at a complete loss for words.  

I am truly saddened by this news.  

Even though I didn’t know G personally, I’m honored to have known him and call him my friend.  You will be certainly missed, especially each morning when I look for your morning breakfast.  Rest In Peace Brother.  

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Shocked doesn't begin to convey how I feel. I never met Jeff. That doesn't make his loss any easier. His family and friends must be going though so much grief to lose them both so quickly and unexpectedly had to have knocked the wind out of them.

I pray that they can find comfort in the knowledge, that Jeff and Nancy are in a better place with no pain or suffering.


Everyone, please don't self diagnose illnesses. I've lost a brother, cousin, and good friend to illnesses that could have had a good chance of recovery had they seeked treatment. They told others they didn't need medical care. Life is fragile.


This place will be a little less without "G". 


RIP Brother.


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I just don't know what to say.....my mouth hit the floor.  I am still shaking my head.  Im in shock.  That is so horrible.  


I never met Jeff personally but I can tell you he was a heck of a guy. Out of the blue once, he asked for my address one time and sent me a 2lb bag of malt balls.  I don't remember how the subject of malt balls even came up.   We had many conversations by PM.  He and I had been talking about getting a Brown Bess for years.  We kept encouraging each other to do it.  I finally did.  Recently, I kept asking how many more divorce cases he had before he could get the Bess.  He was ready.  


I think everyone missed him in the mornings when he didn't serve up breakfast and Good Morning.  I am truly saddened.  RIP brother!!!

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This is the most crazy and tragic thing I think I've ever heard. G was a voice of reason on this forum and he tempered everyone well with his posts. It's a huge loss to this little online cadre of ours... My heart goes out to his IRL family and friends...

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He made the national news and didn't know it.  It's sad where they found him.  You know they both had to be terribly sick.  He was proud of his work with the NRA.  Picture says a thousands words about him.  I hope someone took proper inventory of all of their goods.  

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