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The Armory is mourning the loss of Jeff and Nancy.


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This is still weighing on many of us here. 


I have been thinking about all of the times that he helped many of us with silly questions and all. 


This is just a thought but what about a subforum dedicated to Jeff?  He was our resident lawyer and always answering silly law questions that we all had personal or just in general. 


I understand that it would have to have a disclaimer that its not actual legal advice and all, but just a place to ask law related questions of all sorts like gun laws by state, CCW laws, laws regarding things like elder care and POA. These are all things that I remember Jeff helping us all with. 


We could also post all of our lawyer jokes in there as well!!!!!  



Never forgotten my friend. 

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On 4/6/2019 at 7:29 PM, youngod said:



He made the national news and didn't know it.  It's sad where they found him.  You know they both had to be terribly sick.  He was proud of his work with the NRA.  Picture says a thousands words about him.  I hope someone took proper inventory of all of their goods.  

The article in USA Today made me wonder if any members here who lived in Florida or surrounding States wanted to adopt any of his cats, just in case family members were not interested in doing so.  We have a lot of cat lovers here.  "Cats moving the blinds" allowed the Police to observe Mrs. G unresponsive on the couch, so they made entry. 

It was no secret how much G loved his pets, and all animals in general. 

Martin County Animal Control took custody of the cats (plural) and the article also said it was unknown how many cats the couple had. 

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Wait, WTF???  His brother just died as well!




His surviving family are going to be reeling!  They don't think its Hep A for the brother, but he has just come back up from FL.

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