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Great!! Just great! Where is the F35?


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12 hours ago, youngod said:

Apparently they have found parts of it in the ocean so it looks like it crashed.  The latest info also says the pilot radioed he was unable to finish his mission.


Lets hope so.  Russians or chiineese would be like finding a golden egg.

10 hours ago, specops56 said:

RIP Pilot.



Agreed... did they find the pilot?

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9 hours ago, bamashooter said:

Either it isn't all that "stealthy" if it appeared / disappeared from radar or it's very stealthy.

All of the military planes operate with a transponder on during "peace time" maneuvers. Unless they are flying war games in airspace that is under military control. Airliners have the same gear and it identifies them as what they are to air traffic control whether they are stealthy or not the radar will show a nice bright blip if the transponder is turned on. One of the steps in any emergency is to turn the transponder on to a setting which identifies the plane to everyone out there as being in distress. 


So even if the plane was flying stealthy playing war games with other pilots, shortly after a problem was encountered he would have made himself visible to everyone with radar by turning on the transponder.


But with the F35 at least he wouldn't have even had to do that. It has a data uplink where it can communicate with the other planes in the formation and with military aircraft control. In fact, other planes and someone sitting on the ground can activate and engage targets with the weapons on the plane without the pilot needing to do anything. It is one of the things that makes it so dangerous to opposing aircraft. 


Imagine you are an enemy pilot and you are directed toward an American plane tooling along and you engage it with your radar. You just pinpointed your own location to everyone in line of sight. You move in for the kill and just as you are about to get missile lock on, you see a bright flash above and behind you several miles away. That bright flash was a heat seeking missile being launched from an F35 that until that very moment you had no idea was even in the area. You are now trying to dodge a missile flying at mach 2.5 and completely unable to see the plane that shot it at you. Even if you manage to evade the missile, you still have no idea where the plane that shot it at you was, is or will be. You turn to where you think it might be and paint the sky with your radar only to see another bright flash from your 6 o'clock high. It wasn't the same plane as the first missile, it was his wingman and you still have no idea where the first guy was and now you have to dodge another missile. 


The aerial engagement ends with a fireball as your plane impacts the ground and no one ever saw more than a 20 second blip the size of a sofa of a target on their radar when the weapons bay opened. Those aircraft that shot at you never emitted a single radio frequency that could be detected by you or your air controllers. They remained invisible and are out there waiting for the next poor dumb commie bastiage to go after "an easy American target".

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