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Assange arrested in London


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4 minutes ago, MontanaLon said:

It will be interesting to watch for sure. I believe this will go differently than most people think it will. There are bigger fish to fry and he is the reason we know who those fish are.

Given that MI6 was involved with the plot to destroy Trump, I'm not so sure the British would cooperate with us.

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1 hour ago, bamashooter said:

I hope he's extradited here and joins up with Barr to finish off the dems.


Heck of a timing, don't you think?  

The word Traitor is being thrown around in Washington. 

Rumors of new investigations are being talked about.  

Assange has shitloads of information.  

All of a sudden, he's allowed to be arrested by the Ecuadorians.  

Only a matter of time before he's extradited to the U.S.

Soon he will be delivered to Trump to cooperate with the investigation on the attempted coup of a sitting president, the real Russian collusion, etc. 

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The U.S. will be taking a big bite as he will say he is a member of the media. The govt has charged him with actual hacking. If he did not participate in the hacking but just released the secrets then he will probably walk under the First Amendment. In addition some stuff may come out in the trial that may reveal it was not the Russians who hacked the DNC. It's too going to be interesting.

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6 hours ago, tommag said:

Given that MI6 was involved with the plot to destroy Trump, I'm not so sure the British would cooperate with us.

The Brits don't have to want to cooperate with us for them to actually help us. The Brits arrested him on US warrants for his arrest. 


As far as all of the treason talk the democrats seem to be doing right now, they are idiots, he isn't a Citizen of the USA so treason charges cannot be filed.


And over the years the democras have used judicial rulings to extend Constitutional Rights to non-citizens. My guess is when they get him to court he will lay out a defense that he is "just a journalist" producing media created by others who provided him with information that may have been gathered in less than legal ways. He will put himself right up there with WaPo and NYT and he will win.


If we are lucky while he is doing so he will spill the beans on who provided the information he published. Game, set, match for Trump. Why Trump? Because trump has been playing 3D chess while the democrats play checkers. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out that Trump has arranged all of this with Assange to get him here and put him on the witness stand under oath so he can be "forced to reveal his sources", put a bunch of people with (D) next to their name in prison and walk away a free man.


This is all for show. He may spend the next couple of years in lockup but that is no worse than he has suffered through for the last 7 years. 


Or I could be all wrong and he will end up on a plane with US Marshals that flies into a nearby mountain and we will know the Arkansas mafia still has the ability to perform a top level Arkancide.


The dems are overjoyed today. But I would be willing to bet they are all dancing to the top of the gallows.

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He is charged with hacking U.S. Computer systems. To charge him with distributing classified material would be foolhardy since he is a member of the media. As said above he is not a U.S. Citizen so no treason charges. The DOJ must prove that he participated in hacking a U.S. Restricted info system.  All I will say is be careful what you wish for. He could also cooperate with the DOJ about who hacked the Dems  computer systems. 

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