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New Slip Ons on my Harley 4" Screaming Eagles

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After 18,000 miles on my 2014 Street Glide, I decided to finally upgrade to a more aggressive exhaust.  After researching the daylights out of this including listening to numerous bikes and talking to owners, I opted for the Screaming Eagles 4" Thunders.  What I was after was a more aggressive sound but not so aggressive that it would overpower my stereo and be 50 state legal. 


I really like the new sound.  It has a nice deep rumble at idle, very aggressive sound on fast acceleration, but quiets down at cruise to a low rumble good for trips and didn't have to turn my stereo up even a notch.  My bike sounds like a Harley now. 


On the 2014 above Rushmore Tour bikes, the ecm is far more adaptive than previous models.  Changing the mufflers without changing the air intake does not require a remap of the ecm.  The Screaming Eagles, a big decision path, provide the correct back pressure.  I have zero spit and sputter for the the new pipes.  As you would expect, there was minimal Hp increase, about 5 according to dyno's on same model HD's, however the increase in torque, dyno'ed at 10 ft/lbs is quite noticeable.  For example, I noticed at 50 mph in 5th, I can bark the rear tire by simply throttling down.  For non HD riders, Harley's are different that their power band is quite low.  At 50 mph in 5th I'm around 2,000 rpms and in 6th I'm at 60 mph at 2,000 rpms.  My bike is the 103 high output which simply means a 103 with the larger valves or basically the 107 valves. 


There's all sorts of different end tips for these mufflers.  I went with the revolver blunt tips which is a blaxk outide with chrome inside.  The whole thing was $500 with HD's current 20% off on exhausts in April.  The more aggressive mufflers like Rhineharts or Chromworks were another $100 but would have required a remap. 


I like this so much I may in the future go ahead and do the entire Stage 1 upgrade, which is add the low flow air filter, $250 and do the remap but for now, I dot the sound I wanted a touch more power. 



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