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ELD Performance barrels?


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1 hour ago, geepee3 said:

I think they may be an unbranded BCA barrels.

While I have ordered quite a few items from Delta Team Tactical.

Barrels have not been one of them.






Me too.  I am very curious about DTT's barrels offered under different brand names.  I wonder if they actually are produced by different companies or just have different names as a marketing ploy.  Prices are in line with BCA.   After the good luck with my Stoner/ BCA stainless Black Out barrel, I would like to stick with them as well.

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I did a brief Internet search. Here's some light reading on ELD barrels...


http://www.65grendel.com/forum/showthread.php?15649-6-5-ELD-DEFENSE-match-barrels-any-info-opinions-on-them (there is speculation here also about these being BCA barrels.)


http://www.65grendel.com/forum/showthread.php?15345-Delta-Team-Tactical-Review&highlight=delta+team Seems 3 different companies operate out of that address...


Now, like others here I've bought a few things from DTT. Shipping was slow on an order but I did eventually get what I ordered and am generally happy with the parts. I did buy a 9MM AR barrel and handguard set reported as "Gorilla Arms" brand. I need to spend more time with it but it seems ok. Not poking gnat's eyes out though.


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My Grendel eld barrel shoots fine at 300 yards I didnt get it for long range got it for deer hunting and it does the job within a hundred fifty yards just fine , Like i always say use what you can afford save money and buy better. when you do buy that 600 dollar barrel its still gonna be used for deer I have never had to shoot a brut longer than 160 yards out, so its not like your gonna need it for sniper training, unless you want to shoot long range matches  then wait and buy the biggest and best.

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