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Resale shop score

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One of our stops here in Michigan are the various resale shops run by churches in the area. I hit one today looking for tools and found they had nothing worth looking at, but then I wandered over to the sporting goods area and my eyes fell upon a Coleman stove. Model 425e, looked to be very lightly used. Very lightly, no rust on it including the burners and generator tube which rust literally the first time you crank the stove up. The chrome grate in it was discolored over the burners, soot and turned blue from the heat. Label inside the lid says "Made in Wichita Kansas". I looked at the price, and scooped it up.


$8.00. With tax, $8.48. So I get it home and show the spousal unit, she rolled her eyes. I reminded her that you need a stove to cook pancakes while camping and she threw something at me.


Not to be deterred though I went online to see what a new one would cost and find they only made that model in the 60's and 70's. Got to looking and mine is dated June 1966. So I took it outside and pumped it up and lit both burners. It burns great, best $8 I spent today. 

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That IS a great score. 

I still have a Coleman Stove and "white gas" lamp my 

Dad and I used to use for night fishing and vehicle camping  back in the mid-60's. 

While they certainly show wear and tear, they still work like champs.

Fond memories. I have considered repainting the stove, but I kind of enjoy the honest wear.  

When my kids were still rugrats, my Dad let me have them. 

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When things go to shat, some of us will be a lot better off because of the items we have in the garage. The thrift stores are sometimes a good source for those items. I know when the hurricane hit last October, everything we had was pressed into use. The Coleman stove, solar shower, crab boiler ring, LED lanterns and flashlights, stainless wash basins...It sucks to not be prepared. We also keep extra canned goods, rice and a good stock of bottled water round for the season.

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lucky dog you

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