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Six years ago I made the decision to start expand my skill sets along with our preps.  One skill I really wanted to work on developing was gardening.  I grew up on a farm and in a family that gardened and canned foods.  We always used traditional methods and did ok, but never to the level where I thought I could survive off of it if necessary.  I wanted a gardening method that was simple, could be done with minimal tools  and could be grown where ever i might find myself at the time it was needed. I spent two years trying all the garden fads on YouTube.  At best, we had marginal results from everything we tried.


Four years ago we found and began experimenting with the Mittleider gardening method.  It is known as the poor mans hydroponics system.  All of the nutrients a plant needs are provided to a small growing area, just 12 inches wide in soil, so the condition of ones soil is irrelevant so long as it isn't toxic.  It was developed by a man named Jacob Mittleider and perfected over decades.  He traveled all over the world,  teaching the impoverished how they could grow their own food.    The MGM has grown gardens successfully on every continent besides Antarctica.


My success with my garden while implementing this system has been profound.  We are growing more food in less space that I've ever grown before.  For example, our tomatoes are grown just 9 inches apart vertically.  They're over 7 feet tall now and just loaded up with tomatoes!  Pole beans and peas can be grown 2 inches apart.  What has amazed me the most about this gardening method is the taste of our vegetables.  When you give a plant all the nutrition it needs the taste is better.


If you're interested in seeing my Mittleider garden, here is a video tour of the greenhouse and what we have growing in our soil.






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