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I bought a RAP 6.5 Grendel several months ago and finally took it to the range. I wrote it up and posted in the long gun area. As noted in the write up the trigger was less tan stellar . While I will admit I did not try to adjust it out it was still just too much for my taste. I went down to Timney Triggers yesterday AM and bought a 1 1/2 lb. replacement direct at a a price that even I found unbelievably cheap.  I pulled up instructions and printed them out and also went around the net looking for videos. I found a guy that had taken still pictures on how to do it. I have the mechanical ability of a sloth trying to run a marathon with success so figured I could always go back to Timney and for $40.00 they could take away my pain.  I took LOTS of pictures with my cell phone.


All it took was to knock out two pins, removed  a retaining clip on one pin, lift the pin out and took out the safety transfer bar, a spring and the safety. Moving those o parts over to the new trigger and reinstalling the retaining clip took almost 2 minutes as I am slow.  I reinstalled the two cross pins with the trigger in place and buttoned it up. The hardest part was getting the last two pins sticking out of the action equally.  I found the torque specs on the net for the RAP and put the requisite squeeze on the action. All told maybe ten minutes to pull the scope, action , parts and reverse the process. I fretted over doing it for twice that!!  


The dry firing is sweet and I hope to take the new improved setup to the  range next week.



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8 minutes ago, bamashooter said:

I bet that'll be night and day difference. Congrats.


No doubt about it. The interesting thing was when I went in to buy it the lady at the desk called back and told them what I needed and the fellow brought it up in a few minutes. In the packaging there was a certification note  with my name, date and that they had tested it that day!!  Nothing like getting it checked before you walk out the door.  It feels perfect with no discernible take up or over travel.



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