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Camping......is Life

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Really comfy OzTent with padded floor, 2 stretchers, 2 mattress & table/heater in the sleeping area, a table and chairs in the vestibule with a floor and can get a front door that turns it into another fully enclosed room.


In some pictures ya can see the rim trail we took....totally unbelievable how beaV4npR93.jpgutifl..












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Nice pictures and a  beautiful country we live in!   


That is a nice tent set up. It's good to have lots of room to change clothes and such indoors. 

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The tent is multi pieces, it's Australian and used there and in Europe quite extensively and slowly making its way to America.....biggest problem is it is HUGE and barely fits in the best of the truck, have to get a rack to fit on the bet to transport it, but then we can mount propane tanks, jerry cans, spare tire and such on the rack making easier access and more room in bed. Can tie 2-3 or more of the tents together with living rooms, kitchens, even have wood burning heaters like wall tents, next up is a portable potty tent for the ladies :segrin:


Weather is more or less going to be the deciding factor if we head back to Oregon for whale watching come Dec/Jan or head down to Florida....but are already planning to hit one or the other...


Just stumbled across this video, we saw them airing down as we went to Box Canyon Falls (right outside of Ouray) and later in the day took Yankee Boy trail and Imogene, tried the Alpine loop, but it was so badly damaged by avalanches it was very slow going and extremely rocky and we ran out of daylight.




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