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Flesh Wound

Pretty cool. USAF X-37B lands after more than 2 years in orbit.

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WAY cool ! !    


I better get me a Space Force patch. 

I envy my grandchildren.  You should see their eyes light up when I tell them

they will be able get on a plane and orbit the Earth when they grow up. It blows their minds. 


That has let to many a session on the web learning more about space, and even talking about our trips to the moon,

probes to other planets, and building a base on the moon so we can get to Mars. 

I also tell them they have to study hard, pick good jobs, and save their money so they can afford to go.


I'm not quite sure why teachers are not using our past successes in space, and our future plans in space more to get the kids interested in science,

or if for nothing else, helping them to dream big.  Maybe less time on the world ending in 11 years, the weird boys who think they want to be girls,

and how we have to call them what they want us to call them or we will get kicked out of school. 


You know, when I was a kid, they did the same thing to us in school with nuke drills, Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, and the overpopulation myth.

Maybe we need to vett our teachers better not on getting top grades in every one of their college classes, but to make sure they are not deranged Marxists

who like screwing with kids heads with this crap that there is no hope for mankind, and the only thing is for big government takes care of us. 


History repeats, and it is happening again with doomsday climate change. We were taught the same doomsday crap of another flavor, and here we are with unreal  scientific advancements, many a result of the space program. Anyone who wants to take hope away from kids because of their twisted political beliefs

does not deserve to be a teacher. 


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Note everybody on the deck is wearing Level-A gear.




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