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Basic minimum tool kit to carry

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My old truck, 24 ears old, although in great shape has 190K miles on it.  I kept an entire tool box in the back... damn near pull the engine if I had too.  Come alongs, shovels, pick/trencher, farm jack, hydraulic jacks... if I got stuck I was prepared.  "New" truck, 13 years old, 65K miles... no room for stuff plus the back not covered.


What would you consider essential tools and spare parts to carry with this limited room?  I always figure a spare belt since ONE belt (who was the genius who came up with this idea?) runs everything.  I figure spare fuses.  Tool wise what would be most universally helpfull?  Things I pulled out to consider..

Put a good X lug wrench under the seat as well as a breaker bar and socket.

Crescent wrenches... large, medium and small

Screwdrivers, medium size phillips and slot

Box cutter with high end carbide blade

Fencing tool (combination, hammer, pliars, "spike" end, wire cutter) https://www.amazon.com/Tools-VISE-GRIP-Pliers-Fencing-2078901/dp/B000JNPQX4/ref=sr_1_5?hvadid=77859218403638&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=fencing+pliers&qid=1572735986&sr=8-5

Needle nose pliars

Linemans pliars

Roll of maybe 14 GA wire and several zip ties

Roll of electric tape

Exhaust air jack... I am too old to fart around with that squirley crap they give you, unfortunately it takes a lot of space, maybe the size of a small grocery bag........  https://www.amazon.com/Tools-VISE-GRIP-Pliers-Fencing-2078901/dp/B000JNPQX4/ref=sr_1_5?hvadid=77859218403638&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=fencing+pliers&qid=1572735986&sr=8-5

Fire extinguisher and pretty high end first aide kit

AAA Card and cell phone

What else would you add, or delete as something to have on had always?  Also think OLD AND WEAK... meaning me.  I can barely get a wheel onto the truck if I have to, so things that help an old guy cope in an emergence would be great.


Truck has a place to put a second battery.  Thinking I could get a marine battery box to put there and use it as tool storage.  Getting this thing read for the road before I sell my old truck, which is running great of course, but just getting old.  Going to be a 1 car person so want to be as prepared as possible using as little space as possible.  I dont drive near so much or far as I used to, but do plan some cross country trips.



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When I go on trips, I usually take a pretty good selection of tools. I take fluids, some spare heater hose, and that's about it for specific tools. I check everything else before I go on trips, and don't let worn belts or soft hoses stick around. Fluids and filters stay changed, and if something is a known issue, I fix it before the trip. I try to stay as familiar as I can with the status of my rigs. I have one that I haven't wrenched on much, and I know very little about it, or the state of most of the components. Luckily it's just a farm truck that isn't trusted for long trips really. 


Few things I try to never forget, at least one spare tire for each vehicle going on the trip. If I am taking the trailer, I take my floor jack as well since it stows easily. It's SOOOOOO much easier to roll that under an axle than it is to lay down on wet or cold pavement trying to get a hydraulic jack, or some factory jack positioned properly under something. I'll throw in a 12 ton hydraulic jack too, just for good measure, but if I'm changing a tire, I'm using the floor jack. I take jumper cables, and the trailer has 2 extra batteries and solar charging capability. As far as recovery gear, I usually take a tow strap, and a cable comealong. Some tie-down straps, both heavy duty, and light duty make it in too. Never know when you're going to need to secure a load, or pull something heavy. 

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Factory warranty with tow/roadside assistance as well as roadside and tow from USAA and trip interruption coverage :tongue:


Need to get over to Harbor Freight and pick up a floor jack and 18v impact wrench to make changing tires easily......


working on getting a bubba rope and tow straps along with a few hooks and such for vehicle recovery along with a tool roll & such, but trying to keep it as small/light as possible & not packing enough shat to rebuild a 1947 Jeep on the side of the road :laugh:

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