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Joined a Good Samaritan Recovery Group

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Now I need to upgrade my recovery gear , get some good quality snatch straps, tow straps, jumper cables, something called mini J hooks and other assorted vehicle recovery gear & stock the truck.....

might even need to get some kind of flashing amber/yellow warning lights for the tru k so you see it from the rear, not going whacker nuts, just simple yellows so others can see the tru k better in crappy weather.....


apparently according to state law, this falls under tow trucks and amber/whites are legal as are even red/blue (when on scene actively recovering a vehicle) 


Joined a group that covers about 90% of the area we travel in and have stumbled across them in action a few times, figured why not do what we can if possible to help others out...

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Look for a tow truck supply company for good chains, mini-J's, emergency lighting, snatch-blocks etc.


When I owned a towing company I used AW Direct a lot. Never been disappointed with anything bought there. Looks like they've been bought by Zips...



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