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Blackhorn 209 is garbage!

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I have just come to a final conclusion that Blackhorn 209 power is garbage.  I did a bit of reading on the stuff and decided to use it in my CVA rifle.  I did everything that I was supposed to do so that I would have success with this new “wonder powder”.  Here is some of the specifics.

1) The rifle is a CVA LR .50 caliber with a 29” barrel.

2)The primers used were 209 Magnum shotgun primers.  (Not the usual black power 209 primer)

3) The barrel and breach plug were clean from the start each time.  (yes I fired 2 primers before loading to clear any oils in the barrel.)

4) The other powder used before and after the Blackhorn 209 was IMR White Hots.  In a ome cases I use the 209 first then the White Hots, other times I used the 209 first then switched.  

5) Each load was a magnum charge for both, 120 for the Blackhorn, and 130 for the White hots.

6) The breach plugs used were both standardCVA AND the “special 209 plug” called out for the Blackhorn power. 

Results – 


First trip out I used the standard CVA breach plug but used magnum primers called out by Blackhorn (I didn’t have the other breach plug yet).  I loaded 120 grains of Blackhorn 209 per the load data and I got the expected result.  The gun fired and everything did as it was designed.. great!  The next shot was very different.  It fizzled and barely spit the bullet out the barrel.  The next was a hang fire with a  time span of maybe half second between cap fire, and the gun firing.  The remaining shots were either one of three results, a fizzle, hang fire, or nothing at all.  I tried the White hots after several tries of Black horn 209 and EVERYTHING worked as it should….boom, boom, boomand so on.  I brushed the barrel out to loosen  and clearthe fouling and loaded another Blackhorn… you guessed it.  Fizzle!!!   Rinse and repeat with the same results. 

I called Accurate Powers two different times to seek out help in all of this with disappointing results… I was treated like a fool and only given VERY BASIC questions that leadto nothing.   Any emails sent NEVER went past two emails.  After that… radio silence.  And no I was not an AZZ****, they just quit responding. 

I received the “special 209 breach plug”  and for the next trip and I figured all of my issues would go away  because the first plug I used the wrong one.  NOPE!  Same results.

I was a fool and purchased another can of the Blackhorn 209 crap hoping that it was just a bad can… You guessed it…  same results. 
So I said F-it and switched to the White Hots, and used up the remaining of the pellets on the range with a mix of different bullets and primers with not even one issue!  

Maybe the Blackhorn 209 works for others just fine, because I haven’t seen any real complaints from others but I have exhausted everything I know to do with all with them being the same crappy result.  At this point I wouldn’t trust this crap to lite with a Bic lighter!  I have about $150 in power and breach plug just trying this crap not including the bullets I sent down range, and all will just go into the garbage can.   I am done with this crap. 

Okay… I’m done ranting…



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