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Some One Asked about Middy SOCOMS...

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The question about mid-case on the big bore SOCOM was asked here somewhere but I can't find it.  This is straight from Bill Wilson on another site that adds some credence to my post on the subject.:


Very good info from Bigbore. We played with mid-gas some and had the same results Bigbore is describing, you CAN get them to work under certain circumstances such as slow powders and light buffer springs, but they just won't run with most factory ammo and they won't run with the heavier chrome silicone flatwire buffer springs we prefer to use the the SOCOMS for more positive feeding when cold and dirty. Carbine gas is the only way to go for 14.5" or longer barrels. Also Bigbore is right on in regards to adj gas blocks, if you don't have enough gas an adj block can't give you more, they are for reducing gas in over gassed situations, such as suppressor use. My advise is to send the barrel back to the mfg and exchange it for a carbine gas barrel.



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