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Oil....Pandora's Box

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Was looking at going to a synthetic oil for the 3.5Ltt in the Raptor instead of whatever the dealer has been putting in it.....and good grief, the data on different oils is enough to make ones head explode....and then throw in oils with European specifications that are better than American oils....


And since it's a turbo needs a higher sheer strength oil (HTHS) in the recommended viscosity & yet Ford came out with a new/upgraded oil spec since we purchased the truck that meets a new oil rating called SN plus, my brain is bleeding from all this......


Kendal, Pennzoil, Mobile 1 ESP or M1Truck & SUV , Valvoline Advanced,  Castrol Edge.....are a few of the highly recommended oils.......


Ford specs a ILSAC 5w30 lube meeting their spec which will have an HTHS of 2.9-3.5cp with most around 3.0cp

Regular M1 5w30 has and HTHS of 3.1cp. Valvoline Advanced 5w30 has a HTHS of 3.2cp. Castrol EDGE 5w30 SN+ has an HTHS of 3.04.

Mobil 1 ESP has an HTHS of 3.58cp which is in line with its required range/spec among ACEA (European) standard.

ESP is more “stout” in viscosity, but Regular M1 5w30 is a very stout lube for an ILSAC lube that will exceed Fords spec.


I'm leaning towards going with Mobil 1 ESP, never used Mobile 1 before, might be time to check it out.....



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I can hook you up with a guy who will custom make oil for your specific application if you want. Way better than anything off the shelf.

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