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Who is E2 Armory?

Gary Vela

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Welcome to the Armory. 


Please contace Neil, the site owner about becoming a sponsor for our site.  Links to someone's site are considered spam if they haven't gone through the proper channels to become a site sponsor.


I hope you decide to become one, and stick around.  It's a great community with a lot of experience and knowledge regarding the AR platform.




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5 minutes ago, Gary Vela said:


I have been in communications with Neil Watson. We signed up for the Gold. I believe this allows links. - Gary

Not for a business. Until you arrange a sponsorship, we won't have any commercial advertising. 

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12 minutes ago, Gary Vela said:

Oh I see. I need to find out more on this then. Any pointers? Links?

I'd mention it to Neil.  I'm sure he'd be more than open to the idea.  


If you've already been in communications with him, I'd just continue with that route.  He'll get you set up.

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