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2020 Pre-Season Anti Firearms Bills proposed

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From Oregon Firearms Association:  https://www.oregonfirearms.org/  
You can sign up for Legislative updates on their website...
The 2020 pre-session anti gun bills are now available. There are no real surprises.
As expected, we have another attempt to force you to keep firearms locked and useless.
HB 4005 will not only force you you to keep your firearms unavailable to defend yourself and your family, the bill creates a virtual prohibition on firearms possession by persons under 18, no matter how competent and responsible they are. 
 If your 17 year old daughter is home alone and your home is invaded, well sorry kid.
A careful reading of Section 3 of this bill will demonstrate that even if you wanted to comply with it, you cannot.
Once again, Oregon’s pre-emption law is under attack by the usual suspects.
SB 1538 would allow cities, counties, metropolitan service districts, school districts, and colleges or universities to create their own rules for firearms possession.
Under this proposed legislation, carrying a firearm in a place where a person may have lawfully done so for their entire adult life can now result in 5 years in prison and a $125,000.00 fine. 
Don’t even think about picking anyone up at an airport should this pass.
Given that there have been essentially no issues with license holders in any of these places, it is clear that the reason for this bill is pure hatred for lawful gun owners. The Governor has talked about looking forward to “revenge” and apparently most Democrat Senators are along for the ride.
HB 4036 creates new restrictions for CHL holders and police officers at airports. (See Section 3) We have not yet determined what “problem” this is intended to fix, but as we have seen, no problem is necessary for the Oregon Democrats to find a way to attack your rights.
As these bills move through the process, we will keep you informed.

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