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Even cop killer caught in act is "Alleged Killer"


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Some thing never afforded to the cop who knelt on Georges neck. This "alleged cop killer was tackled with AR15 , pipe bombs, and pistol on him.

The media not the public is not saying he is guilty before there is even an autopsy report.

Why the double standard ?


Here's a short one that reveals what happens to a cop by himself, watching over "peaceful Protesters" .

If that had been me, there would have been a bunch of people with extra holes in them before I let them take me to the ground....but I would have gone to prison. 

The large black man who helped save the cop is a pro wrestler I believe, out of Tampa Florida. He does not like the violence the "peaceful protesters have been engaged in. 




This is the respect our culture now believes is the way to interact with any cop. We have so many people who are bigoted against the uniform, it may be beyond repair. 

As the NYPD PBA said, "We are being told the DA will not prosecute looter and rioters, yet they put us on the street to get hurt, because they won't let us do our job. 

We are told to clear a street, and when a woman refuses, the Officer pushes her down the street and she falls. That cop was arrested and will be prosecuted according to the DA. 

The War on Police has reached critical mass. Either stand up to BLM and the rest of these race pimps, or you will have an ineffectual police presence in most parts of the country. 

None of these cops are going to risk going to prison by laying hands on anyone.  

Make sure you have plenty of beer and sandwiches on hand for your new criminal friends. Because the cops are not going to lay hands on anyone, especially black people, since in NYC, and other cities I'm sure, the DA's will not be prosecuting them.  


In the Floyd case, the State AG who took over the case is known to be a radical loony tunes, according to Tucker Carlson. More chance that Officer may get off, or "only" found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. The fires will be seen from miles away if that happens.  It's what you expect when a society makes war on its police. It will be interesting to see who wins the political battle of when the trial will start in relation to the November election.  Oh wait, justice is blind, right ? 


I'm glad my friends here know how to defend themselves and their homes. If the alleged criminals you use deadly force against are Black and you are White, I promise to visit you and your White Privilege in prison. That CCW insurance is looking better all the time. I wonder how much rates have gone up ?

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