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Thanks, I got your back.


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For all those that are wearing the blue and walking the line these days.  Thanks.  Want you to know if I see anything go down, I got your back to the end.  My family and I are praying for you and yours.  Stay safe, watch your six, and do what you need to do.  The world is crazy right now but don't think for a second that decent folks have forsaken you.



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Yep, head on a swivel and ready for anything these days while at work. I've said it before, I'm not an officer but I work hand in hand with them everyday and do a lot of training with them as an instructor and as a role player. The week before all the madness started I worked a beat with an officer all week. I will go back out on the road with him on Monday. I am seen as an officer in the public's eye, they don't know the difference between us. Cold reality is I'm unarmed and untrained but have the same target on my back as the officers do. 


I have their backs and they have mine. All the officers I work with had to go to the capitol for two weeks to keep the peace against the mobs. This is one of those times officers earn every cent they make. A big thank you to all the officers and former officers on this board !!

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