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Oregon - Looter Protection Bills on the way


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From Oregon Firearms Federation... Latest on Oregon legislation coming up..




As Portland continues to burn, the Democrats in the Oregon Legislature continue to work on looter protection laws.

The violence continues at the nightly peaceful protests but the chairs of the “Joint Committee On  Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform,” Jaynell Bynum and James Manning (below top right and bottom right) have shown no interest in doing anything to stop the mayhem, instead concentrating on a slate of bills to restrict police.

clown-show.jpegIn today’s hearing, far left, militant anti-gun Senator, Floyd Prozanski (bottom left in photo) made the mistake of wondering if there were alternatives to the tear gas the Democrats are working to ban outright.

He mentioned “water cannons” and hypothetically inquired whether they might be used to control criminals who were rioting and endangering innocent people.

This “triggered” Chair Bynum who responded by asking Prozanski if “we are talking about hoses and dogs here.”

Prozanski was offended by her comments and the ensuing sparring was like watching a bad day at the woke olympics. 

For the record, Prozanski never mentioned a word about dogs, but the reference to water was enough to cause painful cultural flashbacks for Bynum, who was not even born when dogs and firehoses were used against protesters in the south.

As has become the norm at these remote hearings, technical flaws ruled and anyone who was testifying in favor of more restrictions on police response to riots was given extra time.

There are, without doubt, vast improvements that can be made in police procedures and accountability. And those should be carefully considered and acted on. But it’s safe to say that any changes made to police procedure will be made to benefit whoever is in power when the changes are instituted.

“The magistrate judge threw out allegations that Gov. Kate Brown was in any way liable for Finicum’s death, finding that the governor did not participate in the encounter at the roadblock or the shooting.”

At no time has any legislation been considered to address the chaos that has turned downtown Portland into the set of a zombie apocalypse movie.

On August 10, the Oregon Legislature convenes for another “special session.” While the session is intended to address Oregon’s catastrophic budget shortfalls, both House Speaker Tina Kotek and Governor Brown have made it clear they intend to use the session to push through as many policy changes as possible.

Republican leadership has stated that they oppose dealing with anything other than budget issues, and Democrat Senate President Peter Courtney has signaled his opposition as well, but few people in Salem still believe that Courtney is calling the shots and it’s clear that far more radical leftists are in control of the agenda.

This means that everything is on the table. You will recall that during the last regular session, the Democrats were working to eliminate self defense by requiring gun owners to keep their firearms locked up and useless.

That bill failed only because the Republicans walked out of the session. Everything is up for grabs in the special session, but now, because the Capitol is off limits to the voters, (and us) tracking legislation is far more complicated and the potential for abuse is higher than ever.

Elections are coming up, and the ruling party does not know if their history of failed policies on many matters will cause them to lose seats. So they may well be feeling like now is the time to try to enact as much of their tyrannical agenda as possible.

Rest assured we will be doing all we can to monitor the activities of the legislature and any attempts to use the session to ram through more restrictions on your rights.

Please consider donating whatever you can to keep us in the fight for your rights.

You can make a secure donation online here.

If you prefer to donate by check you can use this printable form.

Thank you for your support.

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The democrats don't realize that the "reforms" they enact today will be their downfall when the People decide they have had enough and march to the Capitol armed as is their Right to change out the government in the state. My sincere hope is that "protest" ends with everyone with a (D) next to their name is dangling from a street light or handy tree.

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I keep saying it - I guess I'll keep saying it until anyone I care about at all is actually out of the line of fire:


If you have *any* way to GTFO of Oregon, Washington, or California - do it now. Don't wait till the kids are out of school, don't wait until your retirement is vested, don't wait for that perfect opportunity that may never come. We waited far, far, far too long ourselves. Been in a free state for 2 years, should've left 10 years sooner.


Sell the house, sell the unnecessary toys / cars / furniture - whatever you have to do. Get out. Hitch hike. Sneak into the luggage compartment of an east-bound bus. Boy a horse and cart - whatever. Get out. Oregon's government hates you if you're not lock-step-liberal. Same with Washington and California. Consider it a tactical retreat - reinforce the states that need every conservative / libertarian voice. Idaho, Utah, Montana (its bluer than it should be), Texas, Utah - its like escaping an abusive spouse. They're going to keep pushing, they're going to keep passing unconstitutional laws - but do you want to sit around HOPING that SCOTUS takes up the case and hands down a righteous decision? Do you want to risk becoming a felon because you decided to keep carrying your 12, 15, or 17 round magazines instead of locking them away in a safe and only carrying 10 round or less magazines? Do you want to risk becoming a felon when they decide to institute California style registration schemes and you don't comply, or will you make your guns "featureless" to not have to register them?


Its not just guns. Its laws protecting criminals and criminalizing the police. Its laws making it easier to be a criminal and not get charged. Its laws that turn righteous defenders into criminals for daring to stand up for themselves. Its laws defunding police. Its the ever-increasing cost of living thru chippy taxes, bad policy and ever increasing costs of services and goods. The never ending screech of leftist Karens. Homeless people drifting out of big cities into small towns and the police and public officials being overwhelemd or ineffectual. County commissions flipping and passing pro homeless, pro criminal ordinances. City councils doing the same. Schools pushing CRT and gay agenda crap when they can't even teach kids basic math, writing, and reading skills.


The left coast is a sinking ship - don't drown with it. Get out while you can.

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