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Tenicor CERTUM 3 IWB/AIWB Holster


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So, finally got the brand spanking new Tenicor CERTUM 3 IWB/AIWB Holster the other day, assembled it and took off for a road trip........high speed run on the interstate....few days in hotels, driving the Charger and not the truck, in/out/in/out of the car, into hotels carrying my bag....all that shat ya do, into truck stops to take a crap, grabbing Caseys breakfast pizza (if you know, you know) and other Casey's pizza.......


I got hot/tired and grumpy a couple times and did the open carry thing, said freak it and open carried checking into the hotel in Pontiac Illinois and got called "officer" guess they do not see open carrying in Illinois, but figured what the hell, I'm hot, tired, crabby and wanted food, shower and sleep..........grabbed a Giordano's pizza in Chicago.....and came home.......


Other than when I was OCing, and even then only seemed the lady at the hotel was the only one who noticed......thing is very comfy, I got the long one so it fits wither a 2011 or a 1911, so far, the thing is working great with the 2011, very bery comfy and easy to access, draw/holster from & the clips while are different, seem to be working as advertized & they are very adjustable for cant....


Thus, at this point, very impressed.....excellent holster.....











And the mag carrier I used.......










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