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I’m sorry. I don’t have pictures. Please don’t kick me out.


My son just finished his .45 PCC. It is VERY cool. After I did my 9mm, he, of course, just had to have one bigger and stupider than Pops. And it is.


He started with an SA folding stock and a goofy barrel and BCG set where the bolt rotates and locks into the barrel  extension. The upper is a weird side-charging thing with a trap door at the rear and LRBHO. He got a very heavy buffer and I got him a couple different springs.


It wouldn’t cycle, so we swapped the springs and buffers- no soap. Also, the pin on the SA folding stock adapter broke. He concluded that the BCG wasn’t going to work so he returned it and the barrel. I got him a Kaw Valley BCG and he got a more normal barrel. He took the folding adapter out (and now I have it with a new pin for my next build :segrin:).


We rebuilt it with the new barrel and BCG and a normal buffer tube. ...and the dang thing works!! It is a real hoot to shoot!

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Congrats but still......






PS: A 45 is a great one for that use.

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