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Vortec Distributor repair plate

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Ran across this little jewel at AutioZone.  Its made by Dorman and will save you a bunch of money if your Vortec dizzy base cracks at the cap screw ears. It will work on 8cyl and 6cyl.   For some reason GM decided to make the dizzy base with some type of composite.  With age and engine heat cycles, the base becomes brittle and if you over tighten the cap slightly the ear cracks and used to be you had to replace the whole distributor. It must be a well known issue if Dorman decided to make this part.


I had a '97 Tahoe which cracked with little pressure and I discovered today my '98 Yukon's base also was cracked.  I usually shop via the web at Advanced Auto because of the 20% discount but the only dizzy they offered was $180.  The one I bought for the Tahoe just three years ago was  just a bit over $100.  Checked NAPA and they didnt offer one so I went to AZ and they had several choices.  As I scrolled down, I ran across this repair plate for $29!  I bought one and its a bit of a PITA to install while the dizzy is on the engine but I kept saying to myself "I saved $130!!


If anyone has run into the cracked base syndrome, here is the fix.  Well, we will see if it lasts anyway.  I know all the effort today cured the miss I had.  Replacing the original cap, rotor and wires probly had a bit to do with it as well.


Vortec Repair Plate

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