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Magazine Identification, with painting roll marks


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I am not getting any younger, so I have been playing around a little bit on how is the best way to pick up magazines with small markings and identifying them without pulling out my cheaters.

The easiest way I have found using Sig Sauer Mags is to paint the roll marks.

I have more mags I will be doing and I will give a detailed instruction with photos on how to do this on the next batch if anyone is interested.

Anyway here is the in result, sorry night time with cell phone.

Mec-Gar Mags for Sig P229 Mags





Sig Sauer Mags







The items needed encase anyone wants to get supplies together.

1. Bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol

1. Fine tipped model painting brush

1. Bottle of testors model enamel paint of your color choice

1. Bottle testors paint thinner / brush cleaner

1. Lint free paper towel / rag

1. Box of Q-tips


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1 hour ago, Derk_digler24 said:

Electrical tape for the 226 mags helps me. But I only have a 229 and 226. 

Also I only have 9mm semi auto's. Its rough because I want everything. But its super easy stocking ammo. 

Same with me I have both 40 and 9mm, 229, 226,

320 is easy to spot

It is just easier for me to pick up and read now I can see the darn thing :laugh:

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Okay I received some new Mec-Gar P226 mags since I was running low on them and figured needed to get some just encase the dems steal this election and dang they are skimping on the roll marks, I mean does Mec-Gar want someone my age to call for the hubble to view and tell me what I have or what? :laugh:


To paint the way I paint these, you first need to clean the mag good, this is what I use, Testors Thinner and Paint Brush Cleaner:

You will see this evaporating, but then I clean right after it is gone with rubbing alcohol.



Next the paint brush, you will need a fine tip to fill in the roll marks good.



Finally the paint, Testors 1103 Red Rouge:



Here is what the mag looks like after I have added the paint: Sig P229 40 Cal



Same mag after letting the paint dry for 2 hours and cleaning off the excess with rubbing alcohol and a good shop towel.



Then the new Mec-Gar P226 40 cal mags that arrived today with their very small roll mark, these are the images before and after I painted them:







Mec-Gar P226 40 cal mag cleaned with rubbing alcohol:



After I paint and clean them with the rubbing alcohol to remove the excess paint, I let them dry for 2 hours or more before putting them up to assure the paint is dry and will never come out. I have tested mags after the drying period and no bleeding of the paint happened. Note even after drying DO NOT use the paint thinner or cleaner, it will bring out the paint if it has soaked on it.

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