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There are a few things we need to get out there to keep this place running smoothly. 


First, we understand that during this stressful time, emotions are running high, and many people are feeling frustrated, angered, and have almost no outlet for their feelings. These feelings often manifest themselves in lashing out at fellow gun lovers and patriots. Please watch out for these issues, and try to understand we're all working through it in our own way, and we might want to give each other a little extra slack. Continual sniping at each other will result in official warnings and account locks if people decide to persist. 


Next, please be careful where you post. Please put political issues in the Political Asylum. Please refrain from posting anything political in the General area. We all need time away from this silliness, and General and the tech forums are our way of escaping the stupidity for a while. We'll move them if you goof, but don't make it a regular problem as it creates work for us, which isn't all that fun when we come here to relax too. 


Finally, understand that WE are dealing with this stuff ourselves. We're on edge. We feel the same way you do about many things, and have the added responsibility of maintaining this as a family friendly gathering place for like minded patriots. We do the best we can to apply the rules as evenly as possible, and have our own challenges. If any of us do something you disagree with, send the staff/admin a PM asking about it. If that doesn't work, send me a PM asking about it. We're all human, we all make mistakes, including staff/admin. If we do, we'll own it and move on. If not, we'll issue a final decision and that will be it. 


Thanks for the understanding, and for making this one of the greatest sites on the internets. 

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I agree John.  There are people out there that would love nothing more than to get this place, and many others like it, shut down completely. 

We need to be on our best behavior, mind our Ps and Qs, and post stuff, especially political stuff, in the proper forums.  

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Yep. That’s why I’m here. I’ve joined and quit a few others because the vitriolic, braggadocio, and one-ups-man-ship kinds of posts I see there are not how I roll. These days we have a strong enemy of freedom and those who would break or change to law that guarantees us our Creator-granted liberties. I, too, would encourage you to follow the rules, play nice, and appreciate each other, because the other side of the aisle certainly does not appreciate us. My thanks to the mods for walking point.

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