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2nd Capitol Police Officer from "insurrection" commits suicide


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My heartfelt prayers to the troubled Officer and to his family. 


Two suicides from this one event tells me that the D.C. Police Department has some deep rooted problems that they are most 

likely ignoring. The other possibility is coincidence, that the two Officers who took their own lives happened to be going through a really dark period at the same time, and possibly the invasion at the Capitol Building was a last straw. Most likely, there is more to it. Like many departments we had people specially trained to look for certain signs, and people were given the discrete option to talk to someone any time, but especially after a critical event.  


It's difficult to remember a time when our police were under such attack from so many segments of society. Peace Officers today have had their jobs made so much more difficult, I am in awe of the professionalism and the dignity with which they are handling everything. Losing two so close together to suicide is quite a blow, and I hope other Officers not feeling well are getting the help they need. Sometimes just having an understanding and non-judgemental ear to sound off to can make all the difference in the world. First the murders on the 6th, and now this.  I hope D.C. PD makes the effort to support their Officers, and that society figures out how badly we are treating our Police, and that the anti-cop culture changes. 

We are asking the impossible of these (mostly) young people, while at the same time we seem intent on destroying them. 

Prayers for each and every one of these amazing sheepdogs all across the country. 


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