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I pulled the trigger


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So back from being AWOL thought I would share pictures of a buy.  When GMountain was still around, he and I used to kid each other as to who would buy a Brown Bess first.  We both wanted one but neither of us would "pull the trigger" to buy it.  Well, sometime after he died, I decided life was short.  I've always wanted one.  So, I did it.  Pictured below are two guns I purchased at the same time.  The first is a 1st Model Brown Bess.  It saw service in the Rev War.  The second is a PA flintlock.  On the top of the barrel is stamped "D. Young".  The Youngs were famous gun makers from the Lancaster area in the late 1700's and early 1800's.  One of the more famous Young rifle makers was Jacob Young.  Google "Jacob Young flintlock" and look at some his work.  Jacob is one of my 7th generation grandfather's son.  Im descended through his brother.  So in a sense this D. Young rifle is family.  Think about that for a second and it blows my mind to be able to find it for sale.  When they arrived at the house, I kind of raised my glass to GMountain and saluted him for always encouraging me to get it.  









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