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40 S&W


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Yep but unlike a revolver  you can't just swap across.LOL

So, not possible? Or possible with a magazine change? I’m building a 10mm (P80 full size with a Rock Slide- as a G20 clone). Will I not be able to shoot 40 S&W? It’s not a deal breaker- I want the 10 mm for hunting, but I thought I heard that .40 could be shot also.

Eventually I’d like to have a “G21” slide/barrel as well and be able to shoot .45- or maybe just build a full size .45. But the first project is 10 mm. Full size parts for G20 uppers and lowers were less common prior to panic buying, but they’re really hard to find right now.

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The big issue to me would be extractor problems and potentially a failure to fire as it is now head spacing off the extractor groove.  Build up in the chamber might be possible and cause issues once you go over to the 10 MM in the same chamber.  Magazines probably will work although that may be problematic. We shoot 9 MM out of 38 Super but you do get the odd miss feed.


I would be concerned that the extra jump MAY make a difference in accuracy but one of my main driving  areas of concern right behind safety and consistencey. Me? I'd buy a barrel and some dedicated mags but then that's how I've always approached my pistol stuff.  I've always been parsimonious but I don't want any what if's when I pull the trigger.



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I know this is an older thread and GL has good info, but I thought I'd add a little more to it.

To do it correctly, you can simply buy a conversion barrel. You can also get one for .357 SIG and if you reload, a 9x25 Dillon (a 10mm necked down to 9mm).


If there ever is a SHTF scenario and the choice is to go .40 S&W in your 10mm auto or fight/hunt with a sharp stick, then (and only then) would I ever shoot .40 S&W in a 10mm barrel. Many semi-auto's have a rimless or semi-rebated rim cartridge, meaning the rim is the same size or smaller than the case. This is in contrast to the older revolver cartridges such as the .38 spl, .357 mag, .44 mag, etc. Those have large rims that are larger than the case. It is this rim on the case that a revolver uses to headspace to. A "straight wall" semi-auto handgun round normally headspaces on the case mouth. If shooting a .40 S&W in a 10mm barrel, the case is too short to reach the longer 10mm chamber mouth. What will then happen, as GL eluded to, would be the cartridge would essentially be headspaced only on the extractor. They are not designed for this, and often have enough play where from shot to shot they won't headspace in the same place and possible even the same alignment respective to the chamber.


Since you mention Glock, an aftermarket barrel isn't a bad idea anyway so you can plink with el-cheapo lead or plated (instead of the more expensive jacketed).40 S&W rounds and save your polygonal rifled 10mm barrel just for the jacketed bullets. I have had spare barrels for quite a few of my Glock 10mm's over the years. All the .40 S&W and its derivatives have worked perfectly well using the same magazines. I do generally get a weaker set of springs to go with it. Since I have started reloading some years back, I started loading my .40 S&W fairly hot. This is for several reasons. 1, I want to practice with the closest I can get to the loads I would use for the real purpose of the firearm such as CCW or hunting. 2. With .40 S&W brass being cheaper, when shooting at a range or event where I can't police my brass, I'd rather not give away my 10mm brass.

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I've posted some comments over the past year or so, about Turkish built handguns.  Positive comments all the way in case you want to go look at the comments and the responses from other members.  


A few weeks ago, I ended a nearly three year search, locally, for a NIB Colt Delta Elite when an LGS bud got one in.  My 2nd Delta and my third 10mm.  I'm disabled and its been snowing, so I haven't fired it yet.  He calls me two days later, tells me to code down to the shop to see something before he sells it.  I jump on my walker and fly like Superman, and at the shop, he puts a Tisas D10 1911 10mm in front of me.  Love at first sight, and only $700+tax.  


I take it home, tear it down and spiff it up, then begin a two day, inch by inch comparison with the new Delta.  You can read the specifics in the other post, but the bottom line is, I'm keeping the Tisas and the Delta is on the block, NIB.  Two years ago, I would never have believed that could happen.  


I was raised on 1911's and carried Pythons on duty for years.  But here I am, with a Sig 1911 for EDC, and a Turkish Hi Power, and now this gorgeous 10mm.  Sometimes origin of a weapon matters.  In the case of these Turkish firearms, I will argue that til I kick (or shoot) the bucket.  Fit, finish, or metalurgy being the measurements, I prefer the Tisas.  


Colt has gone to another ownership, and this time in a good company, but the new Delta looks like a mass produced pistol and doesn't compare to the older 1911s I've owned and carried.  if that means anything.  The Turkish companies are penetrating our market with 1st class products at wholesale MSRPs, and they are doing it successfully.  In the last two years, I have acquired four 9mm pistols, four 1911 pistols, and all of them have been class acts according to myself (fat ego that I have) and two very competent gunsmiths who are NOT Dremel tool freaks.  A lot oif my shooting associates have fired my pistols and thats why I had to replace a couple of them, because the guys refused to give them back. LOL. The D10 is my eleventh Turkish pistol and I will be passing on to my son.


I have just turned 80, have 59 years of serious hanbdgunning experience, have taught, retailed, and do a bit of armorer work on handguns.  Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.


Merry Christmas gang!  Have some "Turkey"!

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